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China 4-20mA gas differential pressure transducer

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China 4-20mA gas differential pressure transducer

Before the start, if the valve is closed, the valve should be opened very carefully and slowly to prevent the test medium from directly hitting the sensor diaphragm and damaging the transmitter diaphragm.

The pipeline must be kept clean in the pipeline, deposits in the pipeline will pop up and damage the transmitter diaphragm.

Transmitter and heat pipe out, do not leak.

When installing, it should be considered that the pressure opening of the oil tank (or other) may be lowered as much as possible to eliminate errors caused by temperature changes, and if necessary, temperature compensation is introduced.

When the level of the tank (or other tank) is not equal (as small as above), compensation measures should be considered. For example, the secondary meter can use the Senlin meter level capacity regulator.

In order to achieve the accuracy of the use, if the top of the tank is equipped with a breathing valve, a differential pressure transmitter must be used instead of a pressure transmitter. When the requirement for open tank or precision is not high, Sensen diffusion silicon pressure transmitter can be used to facilitate installation and use.

When the remote transmission requires a secondary display meter, Senlin intelligent digital display meter is used as far as possible, which can easily change the range and realize the temperature compensation matching.

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