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Differential Pressure Remote Sensor/Transmitter

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 Differential Pressure Remote Sensor/Transmitter

Product features and structure: It is assembled by using OEM silicon piezoresistive differential pressure core, and the shell is aluminum alloy structure. The two pressure ports are M10 threads and plugs that can be mounted directly on the measuring pipe or connected through a pressure pipe. Widely used in boiler air supply, underground ventilation and other power, coal industry pressure process control.
The main technical parameters: 
Measurement range: 0¡«50Pa~100Pa~1KPa¡«1MPa
Comprehensive accuracy: 0.5%FS, 1.0%FS
Output signal: 1.0mV/V, 2.0mV/V (four-wire system), 4 to 20mA (two-wire system), 0 to 5V, 1 to 5V, 0 to 10V (three-wire system)
Supply voltage: 24DCV (9~36DCV)
Medium temperature: -20¡«85°C
Ambient temperature: Normal temperature (-20~85°C)
Insulation resistance: greater than 2000MΩ (100VDC
Sealing level: IP65
Long-term stability performance: 0.1% FS/year
Electrical Interface (Signal Interface): Lead Out
Mechanical connection (threaded interface): M10×1, can be designed and produced according to user's requirements

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