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Digital RS485 pressure gauge

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  Digital RS485 pressure gauge 

  YK-100C with communication digital pressure gauge is our new micro-power smart product. It uses advanced micro-power devices and unique software processing technology to truly measure pressure values ​​continuously. The built-in LI battery can work continuously for more than 3 years in 24 hours; it uses a large screen segment wide viewing angle LCD display window, and the reading is very eye-catching and intuitive. The product is subjected to high and low temperature aging, stress aging and temperature compensation before leaving the factory, ensuring product accuracy even under severe conditions (0 to 50) °C, one year, and 99% confidence probability. . It is mainly used for calibration pressure (differential pressure) transmitters, precision pressure gauges, general pressure gauges, sphygmomanometers and other pressure instruments, and can also be widely used in occasions where precise pressure measurement is required. It is a new generation of pointer precision pressure gauges.
High-precision digital pressure gauge features:
Micro power consumption, high accuracy, high definition digital liquid crystal display
Small size, easy to operate, easy to use for on-site calibration and precision pressure measurement
Smart calibration, linear repair, two-second magnetic pen induction zero adjustment
LCD display with dynamic pressure value display function, visual display of pressure percentage
Pressure unit: mmH2O mmHg psi kPa MPa Pa mbar bar Up to ten pressure units (optional)
The digital pressure gauge is equipped with the 485 RTU protocol, and the host computer software can monitor the transmission data in real time.
Communication digital pressure gauge technical indicators:
Use environment
a, temperature: (0 ~ 50) °C to ensure the accuracy of the operating temperature range)
b, relative humidity: <95%
Technical Parameters
Pressure range: -100kPa ~ 2kPa ~ 250MPa (other pressure ranges can be customized according to user needs)
Accuracy (accuracy): ±0.25% F.S; ±0.16% F.S; ±0.1%F.S; ±0.05%F.S
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions: φ 100mm × 34mm ; Weight: 0.5kg
Dual power supply Built-in lithium battery power supply can be used as digital pressure gauge
External power supply Activate 485 communication port for real-time data transmission (9V power adapter and 24V optional)
Recording stored data at the same time

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