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Digital pressure transmitter controller

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 Digital pressure transmitter controller

 YK-102 series pressure transmission control instrument (also known as digital electric contact pressure gauge) adopts American imported pressure sensor and uses intelligent single chip as the control core. It integrates pressure measurement, display, analog output and alarm output. Highly integrated products.




YK-102 has the characteristics of high measurement precision, compact structure, complete functions and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for industrial automation control, petrochemical, municipal engineering, building automation machinery and other occasions.


Main Specifications

Working power: AC85 ~ 260V / DC24V

Machine power consumption: less than 3W

Sampling rate: 3 times / sec

Measurement accuracy: 0.2% FS±1

Pressure range: -0.1~0~260MPa (select range in range)

Feed output: DC24V (25mA)

Constant current source output: 0.82~2.48mA

Temperature drift: ≤0.02%FS/°C (typically 100ppm/°C)

Display range: -1999¡«9999

Over limit display: "EEEE"

Display digital tube: 0.56 inches red 4 bits

Contact capacity: AC220V 3A

Operating environment: 0 ~ +70 ° C; ≤ 85% RH


To achieve control of the 220V circuit, the pressure controller can be directly used as a switch, connected to one of the 220V power lines, without the need for additional relays.

To control the 380V circuit, connect the AC contactor (select the trigger voltage of 220V), and control the 380V circuit without external relay.

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