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Intelligent pressure calibration table

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 Intelligent pressure calibration table

Product Description: It is suitable for the calibration of pressure gauges such as general pressure gauges, precision pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, pressure regulating valves and pressure switches. Applicable industries: It is widely used in laboratories and enterprise construction and upgrading of electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, national defense, instrument manufacturing, teaching and measurement testing and supervision departments.
Main Specifications:
HDPI-2000F intelligent pressure calibration table mainly includes: electric air pressure, electro-hydraulic, electric vacuum and pressure regulation system, air pressure regulation system, air pressure, hydraulic intelligent pressure policy and its display system, calculator system control software and starting bus Wait. He can maintain the independent functions of each system, and can also use computer hardware resources to realize automatic data collection, processing, expression, transmission, archiving and document management and automatic generation of verification certificates. Its superiority is the pressure measurement and calibration that can be widely used in the laboratories of petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, national defense, metrology and instrument manufacturing industries, which is unmatched by traditional pressure calibration tables. It is an ideal equipment for laboratory upgrading.
¡ôElectrical air pressure source: electric pressure build, pressure range 0~1Mpa, continuously adjustable. Stability: <0.05% F · S / 3 seconds
¡ôElectrical hydraulic source: electric pressure, medium is hydraulic oil, pressure range is 0¡«60Mpa, continuously adjustable. Stability: <0.05%F·S/3 seconds
¡ôElectrical vacuum: 0~-98Kpa (under standard atmospheric pressure) continuously adjustable, stability pressure: <0.05%F·S/3 seconds
¡ôPneumatic intelligent pressure measurement unit:
1) Pressure measurement: 0¡«2.5Mpa Accuracy: 0,05%F·S
2) Current measurement: 0¡«60Mpa Accuracy: (0.02% RD+0.003%F·S)
3) Voltage: 0 to 20V Accuracy: (0.01% RD + 0.003% F·S)
4) Voltage: DC24 is supplied with power (load: 30MA)
5) Display: dot matrix character double row 5-digit LCD display, showing pressure and power at the same time.
¡ôHydraulic intelligent pressure measurement unit:
Pressure measurement: 0 ~ 2.5Mpa; 0 ~ 6Mpa; 0 ~ 16Mpa; 0 ~ 25Mpa; 0 ~ 60Mpa, accuracy: 0.05% F · S, other indicators are the same as 4.
¡ôVacuum intelligent pressure measurement unit:
Pressure measurement: -0.1¡«0Mpa. Accuracy: 0.05%F·S, other indicators are the same as 4.
¡ô Computer: Lenovo brand machine, PIV Hyper-Threading 2.8CPU, 256MDDR memory, 80G high-speed hard, 52*CD, 15-inch LCD display.
¡ôPrinter: HP1010 or EPSON6200L laser printer
¡ôSoftware: It is written in VB language under WIN98 environment, with strong function and easy operation.
Automatically generate test results, documents and certificates, and extract important instrument documents from the database based on any information entered.
¡ôWorkbench: Size 12908601510mm, large operation table, the latest structure is easy to operate.

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