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Capacitive Hart pressure transmitter

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 Capacitive Hart pressure transmitter


Capacitive pressure transmitter combines international advanced digital technology, and adopts digital circuit instead of analog signal amplifying circuit and A/D conversion circuit to improve measurement accuracy. It adopts standardized installation structure design, easy to install and use, sensitive diaphragm has unidirectional overload protection capability, the highest pressure resistance reaches 320bar, with high reliability and long-term stability. Capacitive pressure transmitters are available in gauge, absolute and differential pressure versions.


Capacitive transmitters are built with high-performance digital circuits. They are designed for RF, electromagnetic interference, and surge voltage conditions. They are characterized by strong anti-interference ability, wide power supply range, and polarity protection. They conform to IEC and CE (EMC). standard. Anti-radio frequency and electromagnetic interference; intelligent digital temperature compensation circuit stores the calibration value corresponding to temperature change on the chip. When the sensor is affected by temperature, it can automatically compensate, solve the temperature drift phenomenon of the sensor, improve the measurement accuracy and environmental adaptability of the sensor.



Widely used in pharmaceutical, medical equipment, petroleum, gas, chemical, urban construction power, metallurgy, textile, aerospace, scientific research, leak detection, automation equipment and other fields.



High precision and good stability;

The range and zero point are continuously adjustable;

Resistance to radio frequency and electromagnetic interference;

One-way overload protection is good;

Explosion-proof structure, all-weather use;

Intelligent HART fieldbus protocol.



Measuring medium£º gas,air

Measuring range 0-1.3~7.5kPa£¬0-6.2~37.4kPa£¬0-31~186.8kPa£¬0-117~690kPa£¬0-345~2068kPa£¬0-1170~6890kPa£¬0-3480~20680kPa£¬0-6890~41370kPa

Accuracy ±0.1% URL£¬±0.2% URL

Signal output 4~20mA£¬HART

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