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Compact gas differential pressure transmitter

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 Compact gas differential pressure transmitter


Yd322-in compact differential pressure transmitter is suitable for liquid and gas differential pressure measurement.Differential pressure (pressure) transmitter is a typical self-balancing measuring instrument. It USES the principle of negative feedback to overcome the influence of adverse factors such as component materials and processing technology.As the name implies, the results measured by the differential pressure transmitter were pressure differences, i.e.As the oil tank is usually cylindrical, the area S of its section circle is constant. Therefore, gravity G= pn ·S= G imperceptibly, S is constant, and G is in direct proportion to pn.That as long as accurately detect the delta P value, is proportional to the height delta h, when the temperature changes, while the oil volume expansion or narrow, the actual level higher or lower, detected by the pressure is always remains the same.If the user needs to display the actual liquid level, the medium temperature compensation can also be introduced to solve the problem.



Customized thread

Fast response speed

Wide operating voltage range

Easy to operate and install




Measuring range:0~5MPa

Medium£ºliquid or gas(compatible with wetted materials)

Diaphragm material£º 316L Stainless Steel

Connection material:304 Stainless Steel(contact)

Housing material:304 Stainless Steel

Sealing element material:Nitrile rubber

Hirschmann joint material:ABS engineering plastics

Seismic behavior:10g(20~2000Hz)

Response frequency:Analog signal output≤500Hz

                                             Digital signal output≤5Hz


Temperature compensation£º-10~70¡æ

Temperature drift£º±0.1%FS/¡æ£¨within temperature compensation£©

Weight£ºWithout display≈420g Display≈500g

Ingress protection£ºIP65£¨Without display£©IP54£¨With display£©


Signal output£º4~20mA£¬RS485,£¨Standard Modbus Protocol£©£¨0~10VDC,0~5VDC,1~5VDC£©

Power supply:12~36VDC,15~36VDC(With display or 0~10VDC)

Medium temperature:-40~85¡æ

Environment temperature:-40~85¡æ

Environment humidity:0%~95%RH(Without condensation and frost)


Measuring range

Rated range(MPa):0.035 0.1 0.25 1

Differential range(MPa):0~0.01to0~0.35

Single side maximum static pressure£º0.175

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